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Wall Art is a division of our business focused on the "MAN CAVE", commercial space or shop. Its purpose is to provide you with a truly customized image of your car, bike or simply a focal image for your area. Every image is suited to you and is one of a kind. You can send us high resolution images (300 dpi or greater) or we can set up a photo shoot. You can add text to any image. The images below are examples of Garage Art. We work along side you to design your custom sign. All images will be sent as proofs to be approved before production. 

There are two ways we can provide your image:

1. Printed on vehicle wrap material: this can be applied directly to sheet rock or other non-porous wall surfaces. We use vehicle wrap material because it holds up to heat changes and humidity. We also stock a canvas faced vinyl for a more classic look

2. Applied to an aluminum sheet: This gives you the option to hang the image directly to the wall. It will withstand variable temperature changes and humidity. It can also be washed with soap and water.  This is the best option for garage use.


Printed wall decals and aluminum applied graphics can be laminated in a gloss or satin finish. The satin will give little to no glare in areas that are in direct sunlight. 

We will print sizes from 8" x 10" to 48" x 96". Custom sizes available. Please email us for pricing and shipping costs.

Car show boards are 18"x 24" and are available to be fully customized. Send us your pictures and all the information. We will take care of the rest. Proofs will be sent before printing.

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